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Doctor-Doc is not a supplier of articles, but a central tracking tool for orders:

Auto-complete the references of an article
Indication of internal holdings (print and online) / Search for external holdings
Order directly at Subito (Preorder-Form)
GBV-Order (automatic / manual)
Manage books and copys of bookparts
Manage the costs of articles
Print lists as PDF
Create ILL-forms as PDF
Search functions
Manage the addresses of your patrons
Authorizations for your patrons
Manage several accounts (drop-down-menu)
IP based order form
Account-ID-based order form (e.g. for several locations under 1 IP) 
Use an external order form 
OpenURL-compliant (Version 0.1 / 1.0)
Linkresolver (EZB-Account needed)
API Doctor-Doc: Search print holdings

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